sånt som faller/that which falls
Installation (2022)

Plastic storage boxes, custom made tubular stainless steel stools, lights, cables, moss, branches, ceramic ant, apples, 3D-printed apples, maraschino cherries, screws, mon cherie box, baroque pearl, ginger, coleus cuttings, glass, brackets, 3D filament, twigs, 3D-printed stool joints, sweet potato, miniature touchscreens, 3D-printed tube supports, steel, needles, satsuma peel, zip-block bags, spider plant cuttings, digital microscope, insect repellant, flashlight, 3D-printed flies, polyester blocks, glass, ceramic, Bebe cerezas, Ferrero Rocher plastic box with painted ant sculpture, MDF, food container with floor dirt, dish rack, potatoes, pine cones, rose branches, prints, pack chips, pine twigs, rose twigs, Mon Cherie chocolate wraps, engravings on glass, food container with dried lichens, ethernet cable, cane begonia cuttings, styrofoam, lemon, orange, superglue, dead spider, CNC:ed shape, fruit sticker, orange peel, lamp cases, nuts, tiffany glass, wire, walnuts, water, tulips, blueberry, end plugs, wood tick, bark, rose hips, spruce twigs, reed, spool of thread, cardboard, chestnuts, engravings on ceramic, orchids, leaves, facial cream container with dead tick, grosgrain ribbons, and what emerged.

falling with grace like a moldy apple
Animated video loop on Raspberry Pi, 3 min

Even the most perfect apple falls, and the labyrinth of matter is full of mold spores.

This is a system for organization, a model of the world, an incomplete wunderkammer, a fog, a laboratory, a Dada order, a collection of processes, a rear table, a longing for control, a chiaroscuro, a love story between Sarah and Marie...

I’ve gathered different kinds of material in these storage boxes during the past 14 months. Followed their evolution, fallen for their processes. Enchanted by how matter continues to affect me.

I have come to think of this sculpture as a chiaroscuro. The semi-gray color of the plastic boxes decreases the transparency and slightly obfuscates the contents. Darkness and condensation drops do the same. The sculpture's sum will always be obscure, but with clarifying devices: flashlights, LED panels, construction lamps, and microscopes, its content is partially revealed.

Marcel Breuer made the first tubular steel chair, Model B3, in 1925. Wassily Kandinsky liked it so much the chair got his name, and a new kind of furniture was invented. Sometimes I think of them as a symbol for the positivist drive towards objective knowledge, and the idea that the world could be uncovered and understood in a perfect and transparent model. A model without debris, excess, and ambiguity. But maybe is it flattening to let these chairs carry the weight of the modern legacy? On the other hand, they are made in such a way that the least possible dust can gather on their surfaces – nothing like the carved ornaments of a rococo mirror, whose crevices never let go of the dirt they’ve collected.

I made my stools with Breuer and his contemporaries in mind. They aren’t for relaxing but made for a certain positioning of the body. Proposing a specific mode of looking, where the eyes can be brought close to the object of registration.

And then of course the apples. For even though I know that I can’t know, I don’t yet get beyond my desire for clarity.

Chiaroscuro: a motif emerges from a dark background as light partially touches its surface. The object isn’t uncovered in its entirety, it remains unclear, halfway hidden. The relationship between the world, in itself, and our perception of the world is like this kind of painting. It contains the whole, but it is mainly dark, only certain events are made visible. Vision shines a light from my point of view, it clarifies parts, allows them to be seen by human eyes, touched by human hands. The dark parts are never empty, they are teeming with things, they are just beyond my field of perception.

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