sånt som faller/that which falls
Installation Nikehallen, Konstakademien (2022)

Plastic storage boxes, stainless steel pipes, lights, cables, moss, branches, ceramic ant, apples, 3D-printed apples, maraschino cherries, screws, Mon Cherie box, baroque pearl, ginger, coleus cuttings, glass, brackets, 3D filament, twigs, 3D-printed stool joints, sweet potato, cardboard box for miniature touchscreen, 3D-printed tube supports, steel, needles, satsuma peel, zip-block bags, spider plant cuttings, digital microscope, insect repellant, flashlight, 3D-printed flies, polyester blocks, ceramic, Bebe cherries, Ferrero Rocher plastic box with painted ant sculpture, MDF, food container with floor dirt, dish rack, potatoes, pine cones, prints, pack chips, pine twigs, rose twigs, Mon Cherie chocolate wraps, engravings on glass, food container with dried lichens, ethernet cable, cane begonia cuttings, styrofoam, lemon, orange, superglue, dead spider, CNC:ed shape, fruit sticker, orange peel, nuts, tiffany glass, wire, walnuts, water, tulips, blueberry, end plugs, wood tick, bark, rose hips, spruce twigs, reed, spool of thread, cardboard, chestnuts, engravings on ceramic, orchids, leaves, facial cream container with dead tick, grosgrain ribbons, beetroot, easter lilies, spring flowers, compost soil, pomegranate, jade plant, , Discobolus bronze figurine, and what emerged.

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