sånt som faller/that which falls (2021-present)

Sånt som faller is an ongoing sculptural process consisting of organic and inorganic matter contained and arranged in generic storage boxes. Since its start in January 2021 the unpredictable processes has been followed and thoroughly documented, and the amount of boxes has grown. So far the work has been shown at 4 different occasions in different configurations.

The work began with me painting a living paint consisting of butter milk and moss spores over a large terracotta sculpture of an ant. I wanted to create an image of the cordyceps fungus, a parasitic fungus that needs an insect's body to grow, and decided to infect the ant sculpture with moss. The growth, and my inability to predict what would happen fascinated me, and I decided to explore more materials. Slowly, the number of boxes was increased, which now includes around 40 pieces.

The work deals with the notion of control, both in relation to our surrounding nature and in relation to ourselves and the need to grasp and clearly understand experience. It departs from an understanding of the world as partly veiled in a mist or darkness, what we can and can’t see and understand is at the center here. Construction lamps, flashlights and a digital microscope has been present as tools for clarifying and making visible the processes within the boxes. Predictions and plans can be made for what will happen in a certain container, but most times I have been surprised or even shocked by the outcome and of what emerged —and my sense of control unveiled as illusory.

It is impossible to list all that has contained, but among it are mold, fruit flies and mosquitos that hatched in the moist environments, resting seeds sprouting from winter moss. Apples slowly changing shape and decomposing, plastic apples that remain solid.

Material: Plastic storage boxes, custom made tubular stainless steel stools, lights, cables, moss, branches, ceramic ant, apples, 3D-printed apples, maraschino cherries, screws, mon cherie box, baroque pearl, ginger, coleus cuttings, glass, brackets, 3D filament, twigs, 3D-printed stool joints, sweet potato, miniature touchscreens, 3D-printed tube supports, steel, needles, satsuma peel, zip-block bags, spider plant cuttings, digital microscope, insect repellant, flashlight, 3D-printed flies, polyester blocks, glass, ceramic, Bebe cerezas, Ferrero Rocher plastic box with painted ant sculpture, MDF, food container with floor dirt, dish rack, potatoes, pine cones, rose branches, prints, pack chips, pine twigs, rose twigs, Mon Cherie chocolate wraps, engravings on glass, food container with dried lichens, ethernet cable, cane begonia cuttings, styrofoam, lemon, orange, superglue, dead spider, CNC:ed shape, fruit sticker, orange peel, lamp cases, nuts, tiffany glass, wire, walnuts, water, tulips, blueberry, end plugs, wood tick, bark, rose hips, spruce twigs, reed, spool of thread, cardboard, chestnuts, engravings on ceramic, orchids, leaves, facial cream container with dead tick, grosgrain ribbons, and what emerged.

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