Visual artist born 1990 in Nässjö, Sweden. Lives and works inbetween Stockholm and Madrid. Holds a MFA from the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm (2022), a BFA from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam (2017), and a BA in Art history from Uppsala Univeristy (2020).

On my page I collect images and reference material for my art and research. On this tumblr page I gather drawings, painting, video clips and other experiments I make, but that does't transcend into an actual work of art.

"Evelinas plastlådor tar oss bortom det äckliga: ”Det sker så mycket som vi inte ser”", Smålands-Tidningen 21/8 2022
"Masterclass", Kunstkritikk 26/5 2022
"För Konsthögskolans studenter är naturen medkonstnär", DN 25/5 2022
"Här är framtidens svenska konststjärnor", SvD 26/5 2022
"Konstuppslaget: Evelina Jonsson: Människan försöker alltid kontrollera naturen", Jönköpings posten 30/4 2019

In my artistic practice I work around sculpture and painting, painting is in many ways the starting point, sculpture, video and installation are the method. My art revolves around seeing and perception, how we create meaning, values and understanding through different conventions, ideologies or worldviews. I am interested in how these express themselves in the forms and images we surround ourselves with in our architecture, design, art and popular culture. Perhaps in particular Modernity's straight lines, functionalism and ideals of cleanliness, or the Baroque's excessive, dizzying ornamentation.

Our relationship to the material, to our body, to the disgusting, to decay and transience is also an important part. Being a mind that cannot be eternal, needing control in an entropic world. I therefore look to nature and biology, and how we systematize them in science to create stable systems through which we can understand the world and our existence. The Western history of ideas has been characterized by dualism and separation, which has generated a view of the body as separated from the mind, of nature as something we can use and rule over as we wish. The abstract systems have been disconnected from the material reality of our being, and now we are really starting to feel the consequences of this way of thinking. The more I look at and learn about nature, I see that everything is permeable, dizzying, amazing and terrifying. In short, my practice is a desire for clarity and an exercise in losing control.

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