Incidents around Lilla Stenshuvud (2023)

Installation in the Venturo house at Kivik Art Center, map, essay, 3d-printed ceramic snail shells and mosquito larvae.

This work was developed in conjunction with an artist residency at the Kivik Art Center in February 2023. It explores the unique aspects of the place during the low season, reflecting on the modes of vision supported by the land art works and their geometry. These modes of vision are contrasted with those of the non-human agents that also populate the site and profoundly affect it.

"Each pit contained miniature earthworks—tracks and traces of insects and other sundry small creatures. In some, beetle dung, cobwebs, and nameless slime. In others, cocoons, tiny ant nests, and raw roots. If an artist could see the world through the eyes of a caterpillar, he might be able to make some fascinating art."

(Robert Smithson, Incidents on a Mirror Travel in Yucatán)

"Each one of these secret dens was also the entrance to the abyss. Dungeons that dropped away from the ice into a damp cosmos of fungus and mold—an exhibition of clammy solitude.”

(Robert Smithson, Incidents on a Mirror Travel in Yucatán)

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